Train the Trainer Course Content

​- How training impacts workplace performance

- Training terminology

- The Systematic Approach to Training model

Phase 1:  ANALYSIS

- Root Cause Analysis  (is trainng a solution?)

- Gap Analysis

- Job Analysis (the DACUM model)

- Pyramid Analysis 

   (Identifying Knowledge, Skills, & Attitudes)

- Audience Analysis

Phase 2:  DESIGN

- Using Learning Taxonomies to
  structure optimal training

- Creating learning objectives

- Writing tests


- Pros & cons of different delivery methods

- Developing a lecture

- The 4-step skill-transfer method

- Lesson development with 4MAT

- Creating instructor guides


- How to start well and keep things flowing

- Presentation basics

- Expert best practices

- Training preparation checklist


- Formative and summative evaluations

- Evaluating reaction and learning

- Evaluating performance

- Evaluating business impact

- ROI overview

     Course Benefits:

          ♦  reduce training time  -- while increasing retention

          ♦  structure training so learners engage

          ♦  learners will "own" their own training

Learners will say "WOW" (in a good way)!


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In each course you will also learn:


     ♦  an easy-to-use, five-step method to create any kind of training
     ♦  professional presentation techniques and tools
     ♦  how to identify and connect with different learning styles
     ♦  how to measure the impact of your training
          ... and MUCH more!


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