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Become a Certified Trainer-ONLINE

Informative and Practical

This online course gives you all the tools, techniques and templates needed to create dynamic training --- on ANY topic!

Working at your own pace  you'll learn:

- The Systematic Approach to Training

- The Accelerated Learning Model

- The 4-Step Skill-Transfer Method

- The Pyramid Method of Developing Training

   and MUCH, MUCH MORE!                     




"Dan teaches an extremely effective method. You KNOW the people you train will experience quality learning."

         - Dr. Dan Woodward, Vice President, Redesign Boise

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♦  Wherever you are in the world, learn how to create awesome training without having to travel.

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♦  We help you with whatever you need to create awesome training!

No worries!  This course comes with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. 

What others say:

"Dan Bobinski has developed an excellent curriculum for trainers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and strongly recommend it."

           - Jose Sabal, Food Processing Safety Consultant

"After teaching for years, I was thrilled to learn new techniques--powerful techniques--that I've never seen before."
         - J.R. Sulfridge, Teacher

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